...but please, call me Cat! 

"Words cant describe how perfect our photographs are and that's only a small part of it, you were amazing with us on the day of our wedding too, not just as photographer but a fantastic personality and a great help to us all!"

After growing up and studying in Manchester, I now live in the beautiful Hoylake, Wirral. I knew at the age of 16 that I wasn’t cut out for a 9-5 job, I loved everything arty and got a little too excited when I’d find an old polaroid in a charity shop! I studied photography in sixth form and then went on to live and learn my passion for it at University, graduating with BA HONS in Photography in July 2015. As soon as I took my graduation cap and gown off, my full attention focused on Weddings.

 I love how every single Wedding is different, even if it at the same venue... it's different. I love the new people I meet, the new faces I photograph and all the emotions that go with it. My time is fully dedicated in making each image I capture, an image that will be remembered, wether I have to climb up a ladder to get it (when you’re not the best with heights!) or by lying on the floor whilst it’s pouring down raining! 

 I wouldn’t call my photography a ‘style,’ it’s more of a ‘capturing the moment.’ I love candid shots that really capture the emotion of a Wedding that way nothing is staged, even if it means me cracking a couple of bad jokes along the way! 


Catriona Leanne x